EMS Awarded FIDI Faim Accreditation

Since its establishment in 2005, EMS has been committed to delivering a quality service. Our ethos has always been to ‘do the right thing,’ which means abiding by the rules that affect both us and our customers, in the UK and globally.

Compliance is something we take very seriously at EMS, which is why we have regular external audits conducted by FIDI and BAR. In October, we were again awarded with FIDI FAIM accreditation, as a top performer with zero non compliances following an independent audit conducted by EY.

This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to compliance, as part of our policy standards of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Privacy and Service Level Agreements.

Dedicated to compliance

The comprehensive audit conducted by EY covered all aspects of EMS’ operations, and confirmed that our organisation currently has zero non-conformities. As a result, we have been awarded FIDI Faim accreditation for another three years, alongside the BS8564 accreditation we already hold.

This puts us in the top tier of competitors and suppliers in the global relocation marketplace. The FIDI hallmark for integrity, quality and co-operation in the industry gives our customers and partners confidence that every move is compliant with industry standards on CSR, Anti-Bribery, Corruption, Privacy and Service Level Agreements.

Privacy of data is particularly relevant as we head into 2018; the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will place newfound emphasis on protecting the data of those moving from one country to another. At EMS, we only hold that information for as long as we need it, and strictly control access so that only authorised people can access passport information, addresses, history and more.

Continually pushing for improvement

Despite our outstanding performance in external audits, we don’t rest on our laurels at EMS. We maintain compliance through a range of checks and balances, including training that ensures all staff members can uphold the same high standards. This is monitored by our strong operational management team, who work hard to create a positive environment where people can listen to one another and follow up on actions.

We also regularly look for ways to improve on our compliance measures, which is why we’re currently in the process of reviewing our IT standards and installing a new IT system that will further strengthen our processes. In doing so, we ensure that EMS continues to rank in the top tier of global moving companies, and retains the trust of our clients.

We take pride in our transparent approach to compliance. Each email that you receive from an EMS staff member will have a link to these policies on the signature strips. You can also view our compliance policies on our website.

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