EMS wins ‘The Cartus Masters Cup Award’ 2016

EMS has been experiencing big transitions in 2016 – both internally and for our stature in global relocation services. The first of these was the addition of Alan Cartwright, who has been welcomed from Santa Fe, California, as our new Managing Director. He’s already shown great energy and passion for taking EMS forward.

The second was success at the Global Network Conference 2016. EMS has been awarded with the Cartus Masters Cup for ‘All Things Moving’, recognising our excellent work in the relocation sector. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, and bodes well for the start of Mr. Cartwright’s tenure as 2017 approaches.

Esteemed industry recognition

EMS collected the award at the 16th Global Network Conference in Washington, D.C. The event brings together suppliers for Cartus, one of the largest relocation brands in the world. By partnering with the UK-based Relocation Agent Network, it connects hundreds of the best service providers, who gather each year for an awards ceremony.

We were delighted to be competing for the main prize in our category. It’s a valued recognition of our strong, consistent record for meeting – and exceeding – our clients’ needs. EMS is a prime volume supplier for Cartus; our win was not just down to quality of service, but a variety of other factors too.

In the words of Cartus President & CEO, Kevin Kelleher: “As a regular practice, our Global Network members pull out all the stops to provide exceptional results to our clients. This year, however, one company went above and beyond these already high standards, providing superior results through exemplary dedication, performance and service…”

“It’s fitting that they [EMS] are the recipients for this award, particularly because the theme of our conference this year is all about exceeding customer expectations.”

Taking our win home to Great Britain

As recipients in the past have predominantly been large American companies, our win was a significant achievement for both EMS and the UK industry. The Relocation Agent Network therefore decided to honour us at a second event at Heathrow a month later.

It was an added acknowledgement for what we managed to do, and how we continue to represent our national service sector. The evening was hosted by comedian/actor Miles Jupp, who presented before a crowd of the brightest minds in UK real estate.

Mr. Cartwright said of the achievement: “We were absolutely thrilled to be awarded the Master Cup by Cartus, and then to be honoured back in the UK by the Relocation Agent Network was a very special occasion. Our award win really does highlight the true determination, hard work and professionalism of every member of the Elite Moving Services team.”

Discover a breakdown of who we are – and what makes us an award-winning global relocation services provider – on our website.

Alan & Ronan receive the Cartus Masters Cup