EMS Expands Into Green Facilities

2016 has been a period of rapid expansion for EMS. As the company continues to grow, we have made a strategic decision that all future capital investments must be environmentally friendly, which extends to both company vehicles and future offices and warehouses.

Having recently secured additional warehouse and office space in Park Royal, London, we have worked closely with developers to ensure our premises harness low-carbon technologies and practices, keeping running costs low and minimising the environmental impact.

Here are some of the key features of our new site:

  • Solar PV panels for electricity generation. Any excess energy is fed back to the electrical network, for use elsewhere on the grid. The system is expected to produce 30-60% of EMS’ power requirements.
  • Solar thermal, air and ground source heat pumps to distribute hot water throughout the premises.
  • Presence sensors on all water and lighting units. These utilise LED technology to reduce power demand by an average of 40%.
  • Tanks that harvest rainwater instead of a ground-based water supply, to minimise mains water usage.
  • Energy monitoring systems. With them, we can break down our consumption data into a live information feed, which helps us identify where waste can be prevented.
  • Electric charging points for staff and company vehicles.
  • A BREEAM building certification that classifies the facility as ‘Very Good’. We’ve also achieved a high EPC rating of B.

Since our new office and warehouse space became fully functional in Autumn 2016, we’ve received some fantastic feedback from our staff and stakeholders. By combining eco-friendly facilities with an inviting work environment, we aim to maintain our reputation as a leading provider of global relocation services in the UK and worldwide.

Our solar PV roof panels, energy dashboard (6,000kg of CO2 saved!), electric car charging unit and “Cycle to work” encouragement


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